Join Platy-Project and Help Protect the Platypus

Get out into nature this September and give New South Wales’ platypuses a much-needed helping hand.

Platypus observations have declined by around 32% in the last 30 years. Land-clearing and big dams are destroying and degrading their homes, and cats, foxes and yabby traps still kill many every year.

By mapping where platypus live we can track – and then prevent – declines in numbers. There are places within the platypus’ range where sightings have never been recorded, or where they haven’t been seen for a long time. These are our biggest gaps in knowledge.

To fill this gap the Australian Conservation Foundation created Platy-Project to map these elusive creatures. This September, take part in the platy-project and you’ll help researchers understand more about this unique animal, and how we can better protect it.

A young platypus in McMahons Creek, Yarra Ranges, Victoria. Photo: Douglas Gimesy

Platy-Project will use citizen scientists to map platypus sightings and help protect habitat