More than 80,000 observations of Life on the Budawang Coast!

Longspined Porcupine Fish in Jervis Bay – John Turnbull

The  Budawang Atlas now has nearly  85,000 records of the unique biodiversity on the NSW Budawang Coast – 6,000 species, from 2,500 observers and verified by 3,000 identifiers.

Many thanks to all our contributors and special thanks to the identifiers who ensure our records are of highest possible quality. We are learning a lot, not just about the rare, but also the common..

  • Our top identifier is beachcomber aka Thomas Mesaglio, iNaturalist curator and forum moderator who has made an extraordinary contribution to citizen science in Australia. A special thanks to Thomas for his 8,000 identifications of Budawang Coast observations and his many other contributions to our project. Identification is time-consuming and requires skill and expertise – but it is crucial in ensuring citizen science reaches its true potential.

  • The most popular observation is the very beautiful Longspined Porcupinefish, logged 8 years ago by Dr John Turnbull –

  • And insects are the most common group with nearly 2000 species – some which have never been photographed before.
    Check out the latest insect observations here:

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