Budawang coast autumn events program

Budawang Coast Atlas of Life (BCAL) is a community network dedicated to exploring nature on the NSW South Coast.

We share information, host seminars and workshops, and help each other to learn more. Our observations are recorded using iNaturalist, one of the world’s most popular nature apps.

Join us, learn more about the Budawang Coast, and be part of a growing community contributing to global biodiversity knowledge.

Budawang Coast Region

Budawang Coast stretches from the Kangaroo Valley in the north to Moruya in the south, west to the Great Escarpment and ~60km out to sea.

Known for its spectacular landscapes and scenic coastline, this region is rich in terrestrial and marine life.

Organising Committee

BCAL is a non-profit association guided by a committee of up to nine members. All positions and activities are run entirely on a volunteer basis. Areas of focus include:

  • building partnerships
  • engaging community and
  • contributing to biodiversity conservation.

The Committee administers information sharing platforms, hosts seminars and workshops, and liaises with a network of partners and providers.

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Who We Work With

Atlas of Life Budawang Coast

The BCAL logo was developed by Charles Dove to represent the bark of the iconic local spotted gum together with a representation of the Spiriferid Brachiopod fossil, a locally prevalent fossil from the Gondwana era. The colours were from the earth tones on and around the fossil walk. The coastline was in the form of a boomerang made from the spotted gum using the colours of the gum.