SCIENCE WEEK: Citizen Science Matters – Walks & Talks

Gang-gang Cockatoos. Photo Margie Burk

Expert Seminar

Saturday 19 August, 9.30am-12.30pm
Eurobodalla Regional Botanic Garden

Find out how data from iNaturalist is contributing to scientific research and helping to conserve our environment.

Speakers will highlight regional examples from the perspective of scientists and observers – Gang-gang Cockatoo nest-hollows and diet, conservation management, and filling the gaps in insect knowledge.

This symposium presents a trio of distinguished voices, each adding a unique perspective. Susan Rhind, a Conservation Biologist, will shed light on the broader implications of iNaturalist data, accentuating its role in shaping conservation policies and strategies. Ecologist Mike Mulvaney will share his experiences, illustrating how iNaturalist data contributes to real-world conservation successes.

Through the lens of Phil Warburton, participants will gain insights into how iNaturalist is revolutionizing our understanding of the insect world. These observations, previously elusive, are now accessible, propelling our comprehension of insect behavior, habitats, and interdependencies.

Seminar Presenters

Dr Susan Rhind

30 years experience as a wildlife conservation biologist and educator. Particular interests are in  behavioural ecology of wildlife; and animal behaviour and welfare of wildlife, captive and domestic animals.

Her wildlife work has focused mammals dependent on tree hollows, including Gang-gang Cockatoos and the Brush-tailed Phascogale. Recently she spearheaded an important project to develop artificial nest boxes specifically tailored to Gang-gang cockatoos, and monitor them using citizen science.

Dr Michael Mulvaney

Previously an environmental planner for the Commonwealth, NSW and ACT Governments. Now retired he is involved with several citizen science projects.

He became interested in protection of Gang-gang Cockatoo nesting sites in Canberra. In trying to answer how significant  was one nest tree, he quickly realised just how little was known about the Gang-gang and turned to citizen science for answers. 

Manages an iNaturalist project on the Hungry Parrots, and recently published a paper on the diet of Gang-gang Cockatoos based on citizen science observations.

Phil Warburton

Local amateur naturalist, photographer and citizen scientist. He can often be found walking in the bushland of the Budawang Coast with a group of friends from the Eurobodalla Photographic Club.

His photographs of local wildlife include a number if insect species which have never been photographed in the wild before. He recently co-authored a paper about pollinators of the East Lynne Midge Orchid.

Phil is studying Entomology with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Guided Walks

Sunday 13 August – Bens Walk, Nowra
10am – 1pm
  • iNaturalist Introduction and Training – Jen Connolly
  • Easy walk, some stairs
  • Bring hat, sunscreen and water

Fully booked – waitlist enabled

Saturday 19 AUGUST – Botanic Garden
2pM – 3.30PM

iNaturalist Introduction & Training with botanist Jen Connolly. Learn how to use the app and contribute to citizen science projects. And enjoy the Botanic Garden at the same time!

Orchid Walk with local orchid expert Dylan Morrissey.
Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and experience the wonders of Australia’s native orchids.
Fully booked – waitlist enabled

Dylan Morrissey

A professional horticulturist for 12 years and has been growing orchids for most of his life. Since moving to Eurobodalla in 2021 and taking on his role at the Eurobodalla Regional Botanic Garden, he has made it his mission to find and see in flower as many species of our local orchids as possible and has now seen over 20 species flowering in the Botanic Gardens alone.

With over 20 years’ experience growing these charismatic plants, he is the perfect guide to show you through the wonders of their world and introduce you to the tips and tricks for locating them in the wild.

Jenny Connolly

Previously an invasive species office and Bushfire fighter with the ACT Parks and Conservation Service, and a qualified horticulturalist, with a keen interest in south coast plant species.

She has lived on the South Coast for the past 5 years and has used the iNaturalist app to become familiar with the local plant species. Over the past year she has been training groups in the Eurobodalla Shire to use iNaturalist, under a grant received by Coastwatchers.

Jenny will guide participants through the ins and outs of the iNaturalist app – and enjoying nature at the same time.

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