Gang-gang Feather Collection Project

Gang-gang female. Photu by Margie Burk

The ACT Government, together with the ANU Difficult Bird Research Group, are asking the community to keep an eye out for Gang-gang feathers. This project aims to better understand the population genetics of Gang-gang Cockatoos in the region through feather collection.

Feathers contain genetic information unique to an individual. They provide insights into the biology and ecology of birds that are otherwise challenging to sample, and in a way that is not intrusive.

By learning about the genetic variability of Gang-gangs, we can estimate their ‘effective population size’. Knowing the population size of a species, and monitoring changes to this over time, can directly inform planning and implementing conservation actions. Genetic information extracted from Gang-gang feathers may also provide insights into their habitat use, mating systems and conservation status across their range.

While the project is coordinatedin the ACT, feathers are welcome from any location.

Read more including how to submit feathers: