Science Week Wrap-up – Aug 2023

The week started with a stroll along Bens Walk near Nowra for:

  • iNaturalist training session on Sunday 13 August with Jen Connolly.
    Funded by Coastwatchers, Jens work has been invaluable in the Eurobodalla shire. This was a great opportunity, to try it out on a Shoalhaven group.

On the following weekend activities focused on the Eurobodalla Regional Botanic Garden with 3 events:

  • Citizen Science Matters Seminar– 3 hours with presenters Susan Rhind, Michael Mulvaney and Phil Warburton, all emphasising how citizen science is making an important contribution to biodiversity research.
    Some take-homes: we need to test ideas scientifically before taking broad-scale action; bird baths are helpful and sunflower seeds are not; and plant blue flowers to attract blue-banded bees. See useful links from the presentations below.
  • iNaturalist Training – another informative session with Jen Connolly.
  • Orchid Walk – a stroll through the Garden with local orchid specialist and ERBG horticulturalist Dylan Morrissey.

Great presenters and attendance to all events, and some pictures to enjoy!