Over 90,000 observations and going strong!

Sisxspine Leather Jacket, Rod Sleath, 12 Aug 2023. ©

Over 90,00 observations – 6285 species, 3.424 identifiers and 2832 observers. A fantastic resource for anyone interested in the wonderful biodiversity of the NSW South Coast! Stay tuned for our 100,000 milestone celebrations.

Lately there has been a big focus on fish, with 147 species recorded over the past 3 months. That’s about one-third of all the species recorded on the Budawang Coast. Many of these recent observations are from Dion Maple, who continues to dominate the BCAL leaderboard with more than 12 observations of nearly 2.5k species – great job!

Fish observations are not easy – first you need to be a diver, and then be able to take underwater photos. But documentation of fish species is ever more important with ocean temperature rising at a faster rate than ever before, and little understanding of how fish are going to adapt. Its great to see we are making some progress!

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