Budawang Coast Region

The Budawang Coast in SE NSW stretches from the Kangaroo Valley in the north to Moruya in the south, west to the Great Escarpment and ~60km out to sea. Known for its spectacular landscapes and scenic coastline, this region is rich in terrestrial and marine life.

This diversity in climate and topography has a strong influence on plant communities and the animals that live in them. In the north there are remnants of sub-tropical rainforest, the south shows more affinity with the forests of Victoria. The cooler mountains in the west are home to rainforests more common in Tasmania. A north-south pattern is also reflected in the marine environment.

Most of the forested land was severely burnt in the 2019-20 fires, and some plant communities have struggled to recover. While much of the area is under conservation management, climate change, coastal development and commercial activities will continue to exert pressure on fragmented ecosystems.

Budawang Coast at a Glance

  • Total area of 14,728 km2
  • 40% on land, the remaining 60% is marine.
  • Temperate climate with north and south influences
  • Diverse topography deep sea to coast to mountains
  • 9 National Parks, 2 Marine Parks
  • Substantially burnt in 2019-20 bushfires

Life on the Budawang Coast

  • Rich in biodiversity
  • Over 6,000 species recorded on iNaturalist
  • Around 60 threatened plants
  • Over 100 threatened animals
  • 16 Endangered Ecological Communities
  • Southern limit for some speciees, northern limit for others